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Karen's Story 22/6/15


Karen's storyhas appeared in Take 5 magazine. My body ached, my head was pounding and my eyes hurt, I needed a nap.

When I woke I had no idea where was. The doctor told me I'd been in a coma for 10 days at Wagga Wagga Base Hospital.

read the Take5 story (pdf)
or Karens's story

Rob's Story 2/5/15


Rob's hearing loss wasn't discovered until he was three years old and even then he didn't get hearing aids until he was four. This meant his language development was hindered. But he has not let that hold him back. He recently completed his Master in Special Education - Deaf & Hard of Hearing.

read Rob's story

Bobs's Story 7/4/15


Bob: was 10 years old when he woke one morning and couldn't hear out of his left ear. He lived with single sided deafness until he found out about a Baha. Bob recently wrote a Baha tips & hints

read more in Tips & Hints:
Baha Radio Connectivity
- Roger Pen
or read Bob's story

Bethany's story updated 17/2/15

Bethany: “I've been accepted into a honours year of media and communication at RMIT. I'll be moving to Melbourne in February, after I finish my current internship called 'Stepping Into...' which I received through the Australian Network on Disability.”

read more … or

read Bethany's updated story
( Updated 18/3/15 )


Phone rings in her head.19/5/15

Faye Yarroll has been using the latest accessories from Cochlear, which include a mini microphone, phone clip and TV streamer, and relies on the same technology as in bluetooth and wi-fi devices. Faye's experiences appear in two Inner West Courier articles


The Unheard Experiences Of Those Living With Deafness 27/4/15

On behalf of POOL COLLECTIVE, a creative hub in Sydney, we would like to invite you to the 'Right Hear, Right Now’ Exhibition by Kate Disher-Quill, on Thursday 07 May at District 01 Gallery.

Read the "Right Hear, Right Now" Press Release

Faye's 'Sydney' being trained 30/3/15

Faye's Lions Hearing Dog Sydney was filmed at the Lions Hearing Dog Centre in S.A for the TV show totally wild

view here

Sydney's segment starts at the 16:12 mark

Wireless to TV & Phone 12/2/15

open book and cover

Cochlear has looked at the problems users experience hearing the tv or phone and has developed three devices to help us.

(this article updated 17/2) read more

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In the News 28/5/15

The government has identified
9 National Health Priorities

Hearing Health is not currently a Health Priority.

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Cochlear Support 26/3/15

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