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Alistair's Story 2/2/16


Alistair: "For as long as I can remember, right through to the present time, I have been troubled with middle ear infections, particularly in my left ear. Slowly, over time these infections caused my hearing to fail, with the greatest loss in my left ear."

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Robyn's Story 18/11/15

Robyn: "I've been working very hard over the last 4 years on captioning as part of the Captioning Working Group to raise awareness of the lack of access for the Deaf and hard of hearing in NZ. NZers Please watch our 1 min video and sign the petition for us."

You access it HERE
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Jane's Story 2/11/15

Jane: "...the Australian movie unIndian has happened and I’m in the movie so it’s all very exciting. I play the receptionist at Cochlear and you get a look at my implants in the movie! I attended the movie premiere in Melbourne a few weeks ago and did a short video for Cochlear."

You can see it HERE
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Ken's story 19/10/15

Ken "Being born blind isolates you from objects but being born deaf isolates you from people." On Thursday 8th Ken ran a public meeting at the U3A shed in Cooma attended by over twenty people with varying degrees of hearing loss to tell his story

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Read Ken's story


Cora Barclay Thank You 18/1/16

Bethany's new youtube video published 6 Jan 2016

Introducing myCochlear 7/12/15

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MyCochlear gives you access to secure, personalised information, tools and support resources to help you make the most of your hearing life with Cochlear.

Visit myCochlear to:

  • • Shop at the Cochlear online store
  • • View your service requests and order history
  • • Learn about your equipment
  • • View your warranty
  • • Troubleshoot
  • • Get help and support
  • • Connect with others

Just use your existing online store login and start using myCochlear today. Enjoy your A+ hearing experience!

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Fair and Inclusive Workplaces 18/11/15

In Staff Stories for Human Rights Month, Annette says "Looking back on my working life, I can see how and why I was suffering from depression. I had been through many periods of low self-confidence and well-being due to the isolation experience due to my hearing loss. I now credit my cochlear implant with helping to abvance my career."

Read more in Human Rights 2015

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In the News 28/5/15

The government has identified
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Hearing Health is not currently a Health Priority.

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