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Annette's Story 24/7/14


Annette: "I have been contacted from the Editor of Profiles Magazine as she wanted my story. I was told I'll be on the front cover and I was like "Oh my Gosh Me?" I was surprised that my story would be of such great interest to put me on the front cover.

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Wendy's Story 24/7/14


Wendy: (post implant)"I was hearing the soft sounds that I hadn't heard for years such as the rain, the duster dusting, the clock ticking and water running from the tap but best of all I could now hear my husband talking. He no longer had to say things three times and then write it down."

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Chris' Story 24/6/14

Chris Blackham-Davison

Chris Blackham-Davison was born deaf in his left ear and not too much in his right one. A very special part of his life was his Lions Hearing Dog, Ivy. Ivy is now retired and Chris has a new Hearing Dog, Tamari. At 40 he decided to have a Cochlear Implant. This is his story.

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Joanne's Story 17/6/14


Joanne: "I have had a progressive hearing loss since I was diagnosed around 7 years of age and I have always worn hearing aids in both ears. My hearing has steadily declined over the years and in early 2012 a quick hearing test made me realise my loss was so bad I was not going to benefit from hearing aids for much longer."

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Lachie's Story 2/6/14


"My name is Lachie: I am 16 years of age and a current student at St Bedes College in Christchurch New Zealand. I was born deaf but I have had a Cochlear Implant for over 8 years now."

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Questions about Cochlear Implants20/8/14

Felicity: "I frequently get asked questions about Cochlear Implants. I am a Cochlear Implantee and do not have access clinical statistics but as Bella Online's Deafness Editor and website manager for the Cochlear Awareness Network I do hear/read a lot of anecdotal stories and it is these experiences I want to share here. The most common comment I read is 'I wish I’d done it sooner.'"

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Fay details some of her experiences when she does her community group presentations.

"What questions do I get asked when out giving a CAN presentations? Question time can sometimes be interesting as I just never know what the next question will be. Here is an example of some of the questions I regularly get asked."

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Understanding Cochlear Implants26/7/14

Bethany: "How I, as a Cochlear Implantee hear with my Cochlear Implant. This video addresses how some areas are difficult for cochlear implantees but it doesn't mean we aren't capable.

"Please note that the demonstrated computer sound reproduction is not how every implantee hears - we all hear differently and struggle in more areas than others. I just wanted to do a really simple short video that would get the main message across."

Wearable technology: Rami Banna24/7/14

Rami Banna is an engineer, product champion and technology evangelist. He talks passionately about Cochlear Implants at TEDxLondonBusinessSchool.

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